The Latest News on Emerging Graphene Trends

Graphene is a flat monolayer of carbon atoms tightly packed into a two-dimensional (2D) honeycomb lattice, and is a basic building block for graphitic materials of all other dimensionalities. It can be wrapped up into 0D fullerenes, rolled into 1D nanotubes or stacked into 3D graphite.

September 17th, 2020
Floating graphene on a sheet of calcium atoms
Adding calcium to a composite graphene-substrate structure creates a high transition-temperature (Tc) superconductor.
September 15th, 2020
LIGC raises $3 million for better air filters using electric currents and graphene
Israeli startup LIGC raised $3 million in funding to build a better air filter by using graphene and electricity to zap germs and dust.
August 25th, 2020
How graphene is improving solar technology
The technology and science communities have shown a long-standing appreciation for graphene’s characteristics and its potential applications. Much of the ongoing research concerns solar panels.
September 10th, 2020
Researchers develop anti-bacterial graphene face masks
Face masks have become an important tool in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, improper use or disposal of masks may lead to "secondary transmission". A research team from City ...
September 14th, 2020
Graphene face masks have 80% efficacy; may kill Covid-19 as well: Study
Researchers said in their report that the graphene masks are easily produced at low cost, and can help resolve the problems of sourcing raw materials and disposing non-biodegradable masks. For the ...
September 14th, 2020
Researchers create a new method for building anti-bacterial graphene masks
Researchers from City University of Hong Kong have developed a new method for making antibacterial graphene masks quickly and cost-efficiently. The researchers note that commonly used surgical ...
September 12th, 2020
Scientists Develop Anti-bacterial Graphene Face Masks with 80% Efficiency
According to the study, published in the journal ACS Nano, initial tests also showed very promising results in the deactivation of two species of coronaviruses.
September 17th, 2020
COVID-19's impact Global Graphene Electronics Market 2020 Production, Revenue, Price and Gross Margin Analysis with Forecasts to 2025
Global “Graphene Electronics market” competitive landscape provides particulars and data information by players. The ...
September 7th, 2020
Flat bands appear in buckled graphene superlattices
Flat bands are especially interesting for physicists because electrons become “dispersionless” in these bands – that is, their kinetic energy is suppressed. As the electrons slow down almost to a halt ...
September 9th, 2020
Nanotech Energy Launches 90% Content Graphene Scaled for Process; The First and Only Graphene Producer to Break the 50% Content Barrier
Nanotech Energy Inc. ("Nanotech Energy" or the "Company"), manufacturer of the purest graphene, announces it has developed and scaled process for the production of graphene with more than 90% of its ...
September 14th, 2020
Global Graphene Electronics Industry
Global Graphene Electronics Market to Reach $3. 2 Billion by 2027. Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for Graphene Electronics estimated at US$424. 7 Million in the year 2020, is projected to ...
September 10th, 2020
CityU produces graphene face masks with excellent anti-bacterial efficiency
Face masks have become an important tool in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, improper use or disposal of masks may lead to "secondary transmission".

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